Cascading Sunfire



“Cascading Sunfire” is a mesmerizing portrayal of nature’s ethereal beauty, capturing the essence of a golden sunset on a tranquil winter’s snowy creek. Part of Gina’s gemstone series, this 10×10″ piece is a visual symphony of warmth and cold, where the sun’s radiant hues cascade like liquid fire, gently embracing the wintry landscape. The trees, adorned in a shimmering blanket of snow, sparkle like precious gems in the soft glow of the setting sun. Sun rays gracefully penetrate the dense branches, casting a magical play of light and shadows on the pristine snow below. The artwork is housed in a sophisticated silver-edged black floater frame, adding a touch of elegance that complements the enchanting scene within, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the serene world of “Cascading Sunfire.”

Original artwork (not a re-print)