Rocky Shores


2021 ArtPrize Entry – Rocky Shores is a tribute to the natural beauty of Michigan and to the Great Lakes’ shorelines. Michigan has the world’s most diverse stone and mineral deposits known to man, truly a geologist’s dream! Staying true to my artistic aesthetic, Rocky Shores has semi-precious stones and crystals embedded onto the shoreline: Look for Petoskey stones, Leland Blue, amethyst, diamond crystals, tourmaline, blue striped agate, pink opal, lepidolite, and mica to name just a few. The more you look, the more you will see. Depending upon where you stand, the lighthouse ‘flashes’ with a Swarovski crystal. Your view of Rocky Shores changes as you change your stance … similar to real life. There’s always more to the story, more to consider, more to take in … Your perspective and acceptance may be different when you allow yourself to see your life or someone else’s situation from a different point of view.  During ArtPrize, Rocky Shores is available via their auction website: and the entry numbers are 90-70712, 90-70712A, and 90-70712B, available individually as each canvas is 48″x48″ for a total size of 4’x12′.