Shed Some Light



Shed Some Light:  Gemstone Series – is a 16×20 mixed-media acrylic on canvas painting inspired by my walks on our farm land and woods.  The large illuminated rock in the center is Chrysoprase and additional pieces of carborundum, dragons blood, and tourmaline are found in the textured foreground along with crushed glass and mica. These reflective and translucent gemstones add an element of mystery and depth to my mixed media pieces. They act as portals, offering glimpses into alternate realities and stirring contemplation about the nature of our own existence. These materials interact with light in extraordinary ways, casting shadows, refracting colors, and creating an interplay of textures that invites viewers to embark on a visual exploration. We all have times when we would like someone to shed some light in our lives.

I’m honored that Shed Some Light received the Peoples’ Choice award at the Toledo Artists Gallery.

Original artwork (not a re-print)