Amethyst Awakening



One summer as a 7-year old, I almost drowned in a lake on a family outing.  My father saved me, but I have never been able to overcome my fear of drowning.

The beauty and sparkle of water is both awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time.  Genuine admiration and legitimate angst exemplified in a painting is my way of working through my lifelong phobia.  As you look at the sparkling shoreline, imagine the wet pebbles under your toes and each crystal a treasure drawing you to wade further and further into the water.  The sharp amethyst crystals and glass chips represent the danger that water can become to the unsuspecting.

This painting was on exhibit at ArtPrize10 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  ArtPrize estimated that over 500,000 people participated in the citywide exhibition that hosted approximately 1,500 artists from 40 countries and 41 states.  Amethyst Awakening was voted into the top 25 in the ‘Round 1’ voting. In July and August of 2019, Amethyst Awakening was juried into the Cox Fine Art Center in Columbus, Ohio, and won the Peoples Choice award, with prize money provided by the Ohio Arts Council.

6’x6′ wood panel, black floater frame.


Original artwork (not a re-print)