I often use unexpected elements and textural additions to create an atmosphere full of emotion and inner calm. I’m a morning person and most of my paintings are my expression of morning light and the elation of a new day.


I’m an avid flower-gardener. Nine months out of the year I have both paint and soil under my fingernails at some point every day. My floral paintings are my attempt to honor nature’s perfection.


One of my very favorite themes. The feelings you encounter at the grandeur of the ocean: Be it a calm and serene disposition, a flood of happy memories of childhood visits, a relaxed and warm countenance from the sun kissing your face, or jubilant elation with the prospect of discovery along the shoreline.


Murals can be painted on site or on canvas in my studio and then installed on site. I only create mural size canvas’s on a commission basis. All mural images are previous installations. A great option for a niche is a canvas mural. Canvas murals can be removed and relocated as the canvas is quite strong, a great option for both residential and commercial applications.


The heavy textural pieces are full of color and movement. Unexpected elements like mica or crushed glass are often used. As you view the piece in person, you encounter a higher sense of depth and color saturation. The ‘geode’ series are sleek, yet encompass an uncanny sense of true mineral elements.