Canoe at Dusk



Canoe at Dusk, a captivating 10×10″ mixed media painting that brings the serene beauty of a tranquil evening to life. This new piece, elegantly presented in a black floater frame, features a harmonious blend of natural elements and artistic flair. The composition showcases an evening sky painted in soft shades of pink and blue, mirrored in the calm waters of the lake. Pine trees stand tall against the horizon, while a rocky shore cradles a resting canoe. Adding to its unique charm, the painting is embellished with gemstones including blue agate, dacite, chert, mica, chrysocolla grains, and glass bits that sparkle, capturing the ethereal glow of twilight. “Canoe at Dusk” is a stunning addition to any art collection, evoking a peaceful escape into nature’s embrace.

Original artwork (not a re-print)