First Frost 48×48



First Frost is a captivating 48×48″painting from Gina’s Gemstone Series that transports viewers into a dreamlike realm. The canvas is alive with the ethereal hues of a pink and purple sky, casting a spell of tranquility. The landscape beneath is a dazzling spectacle, kissed by the touch of a heavy frost that glistens like diamonds in the soft light. Remaining leaves on the trees are delicately frosted, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the canvas of a winter wonderland. The creek, with its sparkling waters, mirrors the celestial palette above, reflecting the captivating colors of the sky. The shoreline is adorned with the radiant beauty of amethyst and jasper gemstones, complemented by the shimmer of mica and glass accents that enhance the magical ambiance of the scene. First Frost is a visual symphony of nature’s elegance, inviting observers to immerse themselves in the enchanting dance between the elements and the beauty of a frozen landscape.

Original artwork (not a re-print)