Golden Hour Secrets


Original price was: $550.Current price is: $400.

Golden Hour Secrets” captivates the observer with its breathtaking 10×10″ landscape, showcasing a mesmerizing fusion of yellow and pink hues in the sky. The sun’s warmth bathes the scene, the vibrant colors of the sky gracefully peek through the branches, creating a harmonious dance of light and shadow. True to the artist’s distinctive gemstone series, the shoreline is adorned with exquisite gemstones, including the radiant hues of tourmaline, the golden glow of citrine, the fiery energy of carnelian, and the shimmering allure of mica. These gemstones add a touch of mystique and elegance to the natural beauty of the landscape. The painting is framed in a warm silver floater frame with a black interior, accentuating the vivid colors and making the entire composition pop with an undeniable sense of sophistication and allure. “Golden Hour Secrets” invites viewers into a world where nature and precious gemstones seamlessly intertwine, creating a piece that is both visually exciting and spiritually enriching.

Original artwork (not a re-print)