Luminous Waters



“Luminous Waters” captivates the observer with its serene beauty and ethereal charm. This 16×20 gemstone series landscape painting transports viewers to a tranquil realm where a calm stream mirrors the vivid dance of yellow-lime green foliage. Gina incorporated a palette of gemstones, including jade, malachite, and several other radiant gems, embellishing the shoreline with a sparkling array of colors. The interplay of light and gemstones imparts a magical quality to the scene, as if the landscape itself is adorned with precious jewels. The painting is expertly presented in a black floater frame, enhancing its elegance and providing a striking contrast to the vibrant hues of nature. “Luminous Waters” invites contemplation and invites the viewer to lose themselves in the enchanting harmony of nature’s gems reflected in the stillness of the waters.

Original artwork (not a re-print)