Mt MacDonald Shores


Original price was: $1,000.Current price is: $850.

“Mt. MacDonald Shores”  is a breathtaking 16×20 gemstone series painting that captures the essence of a tranquil autumn morning by the serene shores of Mt. MacDonald. The painting showcases a resplendent morning sky with hues of gold and pink reflected in the calm waters, creating a picturesque scene that instantly evokes a sense of serenity. Along the distant shoreline, majestic golden aspen and evergreen pines stand in silent majesty, their foliage aglow with the soft light of dawn. In the foreground, gemstones emerge from the water and shoreline, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the composition, while the rising sun casts gentle, elongated shadows across the landscape. This piece is elegantly framed in a black floater frame, enhancing its overall allure and making it a true gem in any art collection.

Original artwork (not a re-print)