“Quietude” is a captivating 8×8″ gemstone series painting that exudes serenity and elegance. The canvas is a tranquil masterpiece, featuring a mesmerizing sky painted in enchanting corals and deep purples that gracefully blend together, casting a gentle, ethereal light over the entire scene. The water below mirrors these resplendent hues, creating a serene, glassy surface that beckons the viewer to immerse themselves in its tranquil depths. In the foreground, an array of gemstones gleam and glisten, their surfaces catching the vibrant colors of the sunrise, scattering dazzling reflections throughout the composition. “Quietude” is a harmonious and mesmerizing portrayal of nature’s beauty, inviting contemplation and reflection in its viewers. Nestled in a black floater frame, available at the Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ohio.

Original artwork (not a re-print)