Totally Rapt



Totally Rapt – a mesmerizing abstract waterscape that effortlessly captivates the imagination. This 5×7 is a symphony of shades of blue, adorned with striking metallic highlights that dance across the canvas. Sparkling bits add a touch of magic, while subtle accents of red infuse the artwork with a joyful energy. The overall composition exudes a happy vibe, making ‘Totally Rapt’ a perfect addition to any space. Presented in a sleek black floater frame, this artwork invites viewers to dive into a world of serenity and enchantment, where every gaze reveals a new layer of beauty.”

“To enhance the impact of ‘Totally Rapt,’ consider pairing it with its perfect counterpart, the 8×8” Rapt companion piece. This complementary artwork shares the same captivating color palette and thematic elements, creating a harmonious visual narrative when displayed together. The larger canvas allows for a more immersive experience, intensifying the overall presence of the artistic duo. Whether adorning a living room, office, or bedroom, this dynamic pairing of ‘Totally Rapt’ and its 8×8″ counterpart promises to elevate your space with a compelling and cohesive artistic statement

Original artwork (not a re-print)