The Tribal Dance



My abstract art pieces convey inner emotion in everyday life.  The canvas explores colors that I’m inspired by, what feelings I’m experiencing, or by the shapes I’m contemplating.  Using a variety of materials helps me bring those textures and colors to life.  I feel my artwork is characterized by an innovative and versatile use of imagery, textures, and mark making.   Balance and harmony of colors coupled with spontaneity is a key factor to express my vision.

Tribal Dance literally has colors and textures dancing about the mandala that is slightly off balance.  My emotions the day I created this were mixed and varied, my internal center was slightly off center as well.  The initial process of building color then texture, then more color and pattern were a process that helps me focus and feel grounded.

Acrylic on 36×48 stretched canvas, unframed.

Original artwork (not a re-print)