Where Light and Shade Collide



Step into the peaceful world of “Where Light and Shade Collide,” my latest painting that’s all about soaking up nature’s vibes. It’s a 30×24-inch beauty, snugly framed in a black floater frame.

Picture this: lush greens mixing it up with soft pinks and peaches, like nature’s own light show. Tall trees reaching for the sky, and a lazy stream wandering through the scene.I’ve sprinkled in some gemstones, crystals, and glass for that extra oomph. They’re nestled among the rocks and leaves, catching the light and adding a touch of magic.

Hang “Where Light and Shade Collide” in your space, and let it whisk you away from the daily grind. It’s a little piece of serenity for your walls.


Original artwork (not a re-print)