A few years ago a photo on Facebook caught my attention. The photo was that of a young child standing in a tattered doorway with the look of yearning, fear, and want. It haunted me, I had dreams at night thinking of this child. The image would pop into my head at random times throughout the day. After two years… I came to realize that maybe I was supposed to put this to paint.

I contacted the photographer, Jennie Bishop, an author-missionary-girlfriend in Granada to see if she would allow me to use her photo for inspiration. I was given permission. She often posts photos of her destinations and the communities she serves. There were many comments on her post and her response was so beautiful:

This photo from home visits yesterday has moved many hearts on Facebook. Lots of my neighbor children are represented here, just looking for purpose, looking for safety, looking for food. Sometimes the needs are overwhelming. Pray for me to be reminded that I am not just the delivery person, but I can introduce each beloved individual to their Provider. Thanks to all of your who pray and assist. 

Jennie and I talked about how my painting might bring awareness to her community and others like it. There are so many in the world. In addition to visually drawing attention to the children of Granada, all proceeds from the sale of WANT will be donated to PurityWorks, Jennie’s non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Proceeds will go directly to benefit families in barrios like the one pictured.The painting is an 18×24″ acrylic on stretched canvas, nestled in a warm silver floater frame, $1,200.

I am not a portrait artist and this was a challenge for me; I’m a landscape artist but I think I was inspired to paint this. About a year ago, the painting was exhibited at the Toledo Artists Gallery exhibit “People and Portraits” show and was juried by Mille Guldbeck, Professor of Painting, Bowling Green State University. I was awarded an Honorable Mention and here are her comments:

 A more somber and urgent message from another young person is illustrated in “Want” by Gina
Wolfrum. Wonderful, subdued color in the background composition and careful brush handling
allows us to focus on the main subject of the child and their expression of concern for what lies
ahead. MG  

I am honored, but to God goes the glory.