ArtPrize – the coolest art exhibit in the Great Lakes region (my opinion of course). It’s estimated that the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, brings in about 500,000 visitors during the 18-day city-wide art show in mid-September. Retail shops, restaurants, banks, hotels, police stations, you name it… they all participate. What do they do? They act as art galleries for visitors to walk throughout the city’s downtown and encounter artwork at every turn with new and interesting art forms from fine art and sculptures to things made out of rusty old junk… you never know what you’ll see.

My painting is different than most conventional acrylic paintings in that I incorporate semi-precious stones, primarily in the foreground. It sparkles. And it’s really hard to capture in a photo. If you get a chance to see it in person, I’d love to hear your reaction to it.

Here’s the artist’s statement:

I often paint intuitively, letting the canvas tell me where it’s heading. Awe of the Eve started as a dramatic evening sky with silver-lined clouds of pinks, lavenders, and blues that developed into a peaceful landscape including pines and Aspen trees. The Great Lakes were in the back of my mind as I painted this, knowing of the many coves and inlets of our northern lakes’ region. In the end, bald eagles were included to examine the awe of the evening sky.

As part of my gemstone series, this painting incorporates various gemstones including Swarovski crystals for stars, large chunk mica, Petoskey stone, peridot, abalone, pink opal, obsidian and finely chipped flint. The natural elements combined with textural acrylics create a dynamic scene that changes as your posture and perspective vary; similar to life, our views can change as we change.