Occasionally I paint commissions, meaning someone contracts with me for a specific painting. This commission was for a collector I’ve worked with for more than a decade and was a gift for her grandchild.  The specifics were relative to size: 15×30″, colors: teals and browns, and details: an evergreen tree, a fox, a bear, and the Bible verse Luke 1:80… “The child grew and became strong in spirit.”  It’s always interesting to research passages in order to relate and understand my painting.  This passage is referring to the child John the Baptist, take a look at the passage when you can.  It’s quite fitting for a little boys room!

Sometimes things go awry. I order a single-use vinyl stencil for perfect lettering in projects like this and it’s the last part I paint before applying the final clear coat.  I had finished the painting, emailed the finished picture to the client who shared it with her son and wife… everyone loved it. Hurray! Later in the day I glance at the painting and realize the word spirit is misspelled. NO!!! It says sprit. Four of us had missed it.  The company who created the stencil missed it. I know the owner, she was mortified and quickly reprinted and shipped a new stencil.  Luckily, I could paint out the old lettering and make it right.  I was just glad to have noticed it before shipping it. How embarrassing would that have been!?

I’ll be a better proof-reader in future projects. Have you ever made a major goof like that?