One of my favorite times of year is when the redbud trees begin to show off their glorious springtime beauty. A number of years ago, we planted about 20 redbud saplings around the farm and we now enjoy their majestic color display in late April and early May. If the weather cooperates, I get both daffodils and redbuds at the same time. Yellow and purple are fantastic together by the way, it’s a complimentary color thing. Our trees are just starting to bud out, it’s been a rather cold spring so far but the forecast shows promise.

The redbud color is truly more of a lavender/fuchsia shade, I’m not sure why they’re called redbuds. In some areas you can find light pink or deep magenta varieties, whatever the cultivar, I adore these trees. Several of my trees are close enough to the house to allow easy access for maintaining bird feeders. It’s the best of both worlds with cardinals, gold finches, blue birds, orioles, chickadees, and more posing for photos amongst the fuchsia blossoms. Birds and blooms are a natural combo!  I think there’s still a magazine with that name.

I was given a reference photo that spoke to me with the promise of spring. Redbuds reflecting in a pond, Canadian geese tending to their goslings and shades of new green leaves balancing out the fuchsia blossoms. This acrylic painting is fairly large (36×48″) and would look great above a mantle or on  any large wall for that matter.  My nod to spring and my love of redbuds, this is a quick link to Redbud Reflections

As there was light snow this morning, I am truly hoping for warmer weather in the very near future. Happy Monday everyone.