Next week I’ll be taking this painting to the Indiana University Downtown Art Gallery in Kokomo.  The exhibit is entitled Biosphere. Our biosphere is where all life exists on Earth… land, sky and water. Artists were invited to share how they are inspired by our biosphere.  From plants, animals, organisms, the interconnectedness, to the factors that threaten harm, they wanted to see our interpretations.

Almost all of my landscapes have an element of water, the life giving resource of our planet. I am inspired by the beauty of oceans, lakes, rivers and streams and equally respectful of the power of water. Water can become dangerous to the unsuspecting whether a partially frozen lake or a deep swimming pool. As a child, I almost drowned in Lake Seneca, Ohio. Fortunately, my father rescued me and my cousin Deanna’s father rescued her. We had waded out too far, exploring, and playing but didn’t realize there was drop-off in this man-made lake. I have vivid memories of being under water and trying to get to the top, the sparkling water above me. When I paint water, it almost always has a sparkling element. You could say it’s a therapy as I never did learn to swim. (I made sure that both of my sons are good swimmers.)

This is a juried show and I am honored to be accepted. The Downtown Gallery is located in downtown Kokomo. The gallery displays artwork by faculty, alumni and local, regional and national artists throughout the year. This is a national show that opens June 2 and closes July 9.